For UK Participants

Dancing in Ely in 2017

For those not familiar with this part of England, this is an opportunity to live in and experience first-hand the incredible ambience of the beautiful surroundings comprising the cathedral and former monastic buildings.

There are two options for UK participants – join us for our two open dance evenings, on Saturday and Tuesday, or join us for the whole week.  You must register in advance though, even for the one-nighters, as we cannot take drop-ins for insurance and capacity reasons.  These are not open events.

Both the evening contra dances on Saturday, April 6th, or Tuesday, April 9th, start at 7:30pm and run to 10:30pm with snacks at 10:00pm.  No heels with a diameter smaller than 2.5 cm please, and ideally please wear shoes that are not worn outside.  We will have a brush for you if the latter is not possible! The price is £12/ £10 concessions on Saturday and £10/£8 on Tuesday.  Please bring change if you can.  Remember that there are no drop-ins, as this is a special event.  Your friends can register up to midnight the night before the dance if there is room available.

Park in Barton Square car park and cut through by Militia Way to Silver Street, turn right and then left up the Gallery when you see the large Porta Gate.  The entrance to the dance hall is from The Gallery.

CB7 4DB in the car navigator will get you to Barton Square and the car park is along Barton Road from there on the right hand side opposite a playing field.

Barton Square, Ely

If you have not had the opportunity to explore the special attractions of the Fens and surrounding area, which includes the Norfolk coast, we highly recommend this week.  It’s a magical experience for those who have not experienced this unique part of England.

In past years we have received much praise from UK participants about the local history and wonderfully different activities possible in this area.  To combine this with the chance to contradance with an American caller, band, and dancers is something that doesn’t happen often.

We very much enjoy having UK participants both for the two nights and for the full week, so please contact us if interested.  Pay cash if you are coming for one or both of the nights, and if you are paying for the full week we will make arrangements for you to do a money transfer all in sterling.