The Organizers

Photo of Jennifer and Gwyn Williams

Jennifer and Gwyn Williams

We have many years of experience between us dancing, calling, playing and organizing local dances and major events.  We ran highly successful dance weeks in Ely in April 2004 with Nightingale and Cis Hinkle calling, in 2005 with Wild Asparagus and George Marshall calling, and in 2006 and 2007 with Airdance and Lisa Greenleaf calling.  After a hiatus we ran this event in 2015 to a sell-out crowd with Wild Asparagus playing with George Marshall calling.  We followed this with an expanded sold out camp (120 people) in 2017 with the Stringrays and Lisa Greenleaf.  Many people asked us to run it again in 2019.

Judy McDowell

This event is being co-ordinated by Gwyn and Jennifer Williams, and Judy McDowell, with help from our committee. We are responsible for making arrangements with the venue and with the performers. We are further assisted by our committee members, Pam Martin, Bill Bunch, Sue and Jim Webb, Rima Forrest, Paul Madden, Adam Hughes and Ruth Hawksley. Additional local help will come from dancers in the UK.

Photo of committee

Our committee, clockwise starting lower left, Judy McDowell, Sue Webb, Jim Webb, Pam Martin, Bill Bunch, Rima Forrest, Paul Madden and Gwyn Williams.

In Ely, where Gwyn was born, we are joined by many friends and volunteers who heartily welcome this group to their beautiful City of Ely and lend rich local knowledge. The title “City” in the UK is used for any town with a cathedral.

Ruth Hawksley and Adam Hughes, our warm and friendly local (UK) committee people.

We are always available and eager to answer your questions.  For more information please e-mail us by clicking here or in the USA call Jennifer or Gwyn at (757) 867-6807